The hourglass is running.  Will your house be in order before it runs out?
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The State of Youth in America "Made In America" by the numbers:

$124 billion annual spending on child abuse and neglect 70K juveniles in detention facilities 7.3MM children with at least one parent incarcerated 27% high school students thought "seriously" about suicide 37% college students seek help for severe psychological problems Nearly 500K children live in foster care 1 in 3 African American males incarcerated in their lifetime 30% abused children who will abuse their own 13 yrs old avg. age females recruited for prostitution 10 - 20% (estimated) children exposed to domestic violence 80% runaway/homeless teen girls sexually or physically abused 16 million children live in poverty 21 million children living without biological father in home 19% high school graduates who cannot read $63.4 billion annual cost of incarceration in U.S.  60% high school teens say drugs used or sold at school 4 to 5 million public school students sexually abused/harassed by teachers annually 64% single mother households $1.2 Trillion college student loan debt 37% recent college graduates in jobs not requiring degree 8 hrs avg. family time/wk parents spend with children 26% parents competent in educating children on financial literacy 76% households living paycheck-to-paycheck 160K students avoid school daily due to bullying 15 - 24 year olds account for half the 20 million new STD cases annually 40% U.S. prostitution are sexually exploited children.

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