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"Ensuring that a child avoids the risk of poverty
is going to take more than a bag of groceries."

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With more than 26% of children in San Bernardino County living below the povery line, this significant socioeconomic indicator calls into question the present need to address a serious and dire issue involving future labor, career and business development opportunities for today's youth.

A county-wide dilemma, valued student populations today must be assisted to avoid becoming tomorrow's vulnerable adult causalities of poverty.  Do you agree?

Community Action Partnership of San Bernardino (2016 Nonprofit of the Year) is taking an active role (now) to address the concerns and needs of youth when it comes to poverty alleviation.

Therefore, in Spring 2017 the "Poverty Fighting Network" will engage students from throughout San Bernardino County in a multicultural, academic-tiered, student-focused strategy session to alleviate poverty for and in their generation.

Of which, is intended to ensure that their future as tax-payers, homeowners, businessowners and a viable workforce is economically sustainable to thrive and not merely survive.  Are you ready to be a poverty fighting team member for our youth?

If the answer is yes, then join us in making the
2017 CAPSBC Youth Poverty Symposium for Economic Security a resounding success.

Whether involved in education, business, government, faith/community based service or a foundation, we need your
partnership and sponsorship to ensure resources, data-collection, volunteer support and professional support are in place to execute a dynamic and progressive 2017 CAPSBC Youth Poverty Symposium for Economic Security.

Contact us today.  And, lets discuss how your involvement with Community Action Partnership of San Bernardino County will help San Bernardino County youth succeed and not just survive.

Street Positive® is proud to be a part of this distinct effort to alleviate generational poverty.

About Community Action Partnership of San Bernardino County
Community Action Partnership of San Bernardino is the designated Community Action Agency for San Bernardino County charged with providing programs and services for over 800,000 low-income individuals and families to help lift them out of poverty. We have been serving San Bernardino County since 1965.  As one of the largest non-profit human services agency in San Bernardino County, CAPSBC, provides resources and opportunities to the low-income to improve their lives, contribute to their communities and offer a return on investment for our communities, cities and county. Programs include Home Weatherization, Home Energy Assistance, Family Development, Assets for Independence/Individual Development Accounts, Volunteer Income Tax Assistance, and the CAPSBC Food Bank.  Please call 909-723-1500 or e-mail info@capsbc.org or visit our website www.capsbc.org for more information.

About San Bernardino County
San Bernardino County is the nation’s largest county comprised of over 20,105 square miles with a population of 2,088,371.  It is the 5th most populous county in California and the 12th most in the U.S. according to the 2010 census.  Median household income is slightly above $52,000; poverty threshold for family of four is $24,300.  Unemployment is 5.6%.  Residence living below poverty level is 20.6% (African American; 27.3%, Female; 20.1%).  26.4% of children live below the poverty level.  High school graduation rate (pop. 25+ yrs) is 78.3%, with 18.8% of county residence holding a Bachelor’s degree.  Home ownership is 60%.  Those currently with no health insurance is 20.3%. Population under age 18 is nearly 30%.

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