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Ladies for the Mental Cause
Choosing to not deal with the issue, will force you to deal with the problem.
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Wigs 'N Weaves & The Natural You combines concerned women and mental health organizations focused on reducing stigma through the performing arts.  This pre-holiday outreach for awareness "Edutainment" is intended to address conditions impacting ones mental health and emotional well-being.

Wigs 'N Weaves & The Natural You™ is featured the third Saturday of November.  And, spotlights messages and performances by artists who are passionate about sharing their creativity and talents to advocate for mental health and emotional well-being through annually selected themes and objectives.

The 2018 theme, "The Mental Health of Domestic Violence", will feature a special and distinct skit presentation by DJ Hotwaxx and Moxy Man with performances from Fathers In Hip Hop.

Tune-in NOVEMBER 17, 2018 to watch an important message from men discussing intimate partner violence. Amazing interview.

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