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On September 15, 2018, Fathers across the Inland Empire region gathered to not only celebrate the importance of their children's education, but to also share how personal childhood trauma has impacted their lives and ability to parent effectively.

  • The Day of the Million Father March was definitely & deeply surreal for me, The messages,the families,the kids,the food Reminiscent of a Family Reunion. Speaking at the event was very difficult & performing the Single "Only Road" is always extremely difficult for me, because it's not just a song, it's my Life & like a scab being torn off with a Bandaid it hurts everytime & all the pain & emotions come rushing back, It was very emotional watching the other father's with their children, knowing I have 4 that couldn't be there with me due to different circumstances. Others stories about God & being in jail & setting the proper example,was clear in my mind, as I thought of past mistakes & missed opportunities, watching dad's interactions with their kids made me both happy & sad realizing things i never got to do with my children, being away from my daughter's has me depressed often and I literally cry once a day for the last 4 year's,.I suffer from insomnia & if my mind's not totally Preoccupied im a total weak bad nerves & all. Being a workaholic & never taking time for myself, I found myself breaking down crying in the parking lot among my brother's ,thinking to myself I haven't laughed truly not worried or had fun in a Really long time & as Jus asked us to participate in a few things for the sake of promo of the event ,I found myself breaking down at the realization that i'm about to be a 50 year old man who really hadn't experienced any of those things as a boy, it was devastating and I was greatly impacted and moved & inspired to make sure my boys don't miss these experiences or Opportunities and that I ensure that they have great memories of me and growing up in love together. In life as we turn to reflect and or reminisce on the good times, there should actually be some. G.U.P.

  • Being able to attend and speak at the Million Father March was a 'healing' experience for many of us.  Me being able to speak about the trauma I experienced as a child not only 'helped' others who have gone through traums, but it also helped me to be free of the stigma of trauma.  We as men are now able to speak about our concerns and issues that as men, we pridefully keep to ourselves. NMG

  • Attending the Million fathers march was a double  blessing for me. I always enjoy doing something positive and being involved in the community. But what made it a double blessing was it was my son's birthday and I couldn't afford to do much for him. Thanks to Street positive, JM music and the march I was able to get both my son's and daughter wrist bands and we were able to have a ball. I can't wait until next year.  DL

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