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The Making of Fatherhood Legacy III
(be your child's first teacher)

  1. Leadership - effectively instilling love, purpose, safety, success and vision into the life of your children while making hard decisions as a co-parent or single parent.
  2. Time - commitment in prioritizing academic achievement, social readiness, mental well-being, economic development, physical health, personal growth and life enjoyment of your children.
  3. Money - discretionary use of financial and investment resources to ensure present and future economic provision and security for your children.
  4. Reputation - what you leave your children, good or bad, in home or community, tangible or intangible will be a decision only you can make.

Don't just teach your children how to dream, show them how to live!

The hourglass is running. Will your house be in order before it runs out?

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If You Don't Spend Time With Your Child, 

Someone Else Will.  We Guarantee it!

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