Talks for the Positive
A child's future will be determined by the environment they live,
 the people they meet and what they are willing to talk about.


Back by popular demand, award-winning Street Positive® delivers on the issues few want to address, but all have to confront. 

Do you need a presenter that can impact your audience for real?  

With emphasis on troubled youth, challenged young adults and parent engagement, Street Positive® delivers a problem/solution/execution style* that has been proven both highly effective and highly sought after by school districts, youth events, parent workshops, industry conferences, business development and professional training.

Current Workshops & Focus:

  • Parent Engagement (The "Resource" Hook-Up)
  • Student Engagement (Poverty: How It "Really" Works)
  • Male Achievement (Man Plan)
  • Female Achievement (Should He Be Your Baby's Daddy?")

Move your audience to the positive!  Contact us today.

* References available upon request.

If You Don't Spend Time With Your Child, 

Someone Else Will.  We Guarantee it!

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