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A Fragile Child's Cry

If you have never met the Stampleys, then here is your introduction.  Henry L. Stampley is a former foster parent and author residing in Memphis, TN with his wife and adopted children; Tavarius and Demarian.  

Of whom, are survivors of child abuse and a system that failed to protect them.  

As the Stampleys age, they are confronted with a major decision.  "Who will care for their severely disabled children?"  

As with so many survivors of childhood abuse, the financial impact over the lifespan can be devastating; loss earnings are estimated between $1.2M - $1.6M over the lifespan. 

Please pledge your support.  And, watch the "Push Across Memphis" video.

"A Fragile Child's Cry" by Henry L. Stampley.  Only $14.95 + S/H.

If you don't spend time with your child, someone else will.

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