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C.A.S.H52™ is a strategic community marketing plan created by 4Positive Knowledge™ and powered by Award-Winning Street Positive® to achieve the following objective: 

Implement highly effective and influential social marketing campaigns involving community based organizations, consumer markets and business enterprises looking to achieve a "win-win" scenario for all parties involved.

So, if your business needs social outreach or community exposure to grow existing campaigns or launch new products and services, tap into the impact of
C.A.S.H 52™ and put the influence of community marketing to work for the positive in your business.  We market strong and we market hard to help you make the numbers count!

Community Based Marketing.  Get Ready To Grow!

Learn more about our 2015 marketing campaigns to benefit your business greatly!

A.S.H 52
(Community Access Support Hub)

"Handling the STREET BUSINESS of Community"

If You Don't Spend Time With Your Child, 

Someone Else Will.  We Guarantee it!

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