In The Beginning
Tavarius Stampley is an amazing abuse survivor of Shaken Baby Syndrome

Our Mission

To develop highly effective social impact campaigns focused on the emotional, physical, social and economic well-being of children and those who care for them.

How We Got Here
By 2003, both and Street Style Positive™ had evolved into notable ventures advocating various prevention and early intervention (PEI) campaigns among parents and youth with one primary objective.  Creating strategies to prevent child abuse and neglect.

The first campaign addressed personal safety awareness outreach among children and youth.  The second campaign addressed perpretrator reality checks, both in and out of the home, among parents and guardians.

By 2004, had begun receiving a significant number of inquiries by parents, educators and community leaders interested in Street Style Positive™ real talk partnerships to produce and promote events for the positive in their local areas.

Today the term Street Style Positve™ describes a distinct behavior among young people who are about handling their business, choosing not to get "caught up" and maintaining respect from their peers for not doing so.

If You Don't Spend Time With Your Child, 

Someone Else Will.  We Guarantee it!

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